The 2020 edition of the Enduro World Series Montagnes du Caroux will make the kids proud !!
Young riders from 2 to 16 years old will have the opportunity to participate in an Enduro world cup event! Classy, right?!

Balance bike


2-5 yrs-old

Friday, May 22nd



6-10 yrs-old

Saturday, May 23rd



11-16 yrs-old

Saturday, May 23rd


Balance bike Cup (2-5 years-old)

For children aged 2 to 5, the Balance Bike may be the first event in a long life as a competitor … or not.
Armed with their small bikes without pedals these young fellows will get the chance to express themselves on an adapted circuit, installed near the pits area.

The Balance bike Cup will take place on Friday May 22nd at 5 p.m .; It will be so fun!! An animation eagerly awaited by the Velo Caroux staff, that’s for sure!

The Kid Dual (6-10 years-old)

A clever mix of Dual Slalom and Pumptrack, the Kid Dual will allow 6-10 years-old to challenge themselves two by two on the brand new Pumptrack in the village. Specifically created for the event, the Pumptrack will be integrated into the pits area, with an easy access and a good visibility. It will therefore be 1 against 1 like a tournament which will determine the winner of the event, unbeaten!
The Kid Dual will take place on Saturday, May 23, in the afternoon.
And there too, we expect a good dose of show!

The Kid Enduro (11-16 years-old)

Long awaited, the Kid Enduro is aimed at young people from 11 to 16 years old, namely the FFC Benjamin / Minim and Cadet categories!
Young riders will have the honor of facing the clock under the banner of the Enduro World Series!
And for the occasion we were not idle. We have created an entirely new course with magnificent, particularly fun specials. And as a good World Cup, technicality is also there … Don’t worry, this course is physical but remains accessible. The connection sections are not very long and the stages are not so tricky. But it will still rock!
The morning of Saturday May 23 will be exclusively dedicated to Kid Enduro events!
So even dads and moms who have run on the SUNN EPIC ENDURO or are about to take part in the EWS round will be able to watch!!

New for 2020: the EWS 80 opens to 15-16 year-old riders!

For cadets who want to battle and have a good technical AND physical background, the EWS 80 race is now open to their category!
15-16 year-old riders have the choice between participating in the KID Enduro or the EWS 80.
Remember, however, that the EWS 80 corresponds to 80% of the professional Sunday race with 4 very high-level stages on the program and long connections! Now you know!